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Update on the Chula Vista Center project. There are actually two projects coming to the old Sears location.

What is going on Chula Vista? So I have some updates on the Chula Vista Center project, particularly on the site where Sears once stood. Thanks to a tip from a dedicated follower, we’ve got some intriguing news about the future of this area.

First, it’s important to mention that while these plans are still in the drawing board phase, their potential for our community is undeniable. So, what’s the scoop? Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group is proposing a new medical clinic. This isn’t just any clinic, though. We’re talking about a three-story clinic on the westside corner across from Cane’s Chicken.

But that’s not all. Plans are underway to construct a three-story parking garage alongside this proposed clinic. This addition accommodates the anticipated influx of visitors and residents, ensuring ease of access and ample parking space. It will be on the east side, closer to Wells Fargo.

You might wonder why this particular plot of land is being developed, especially considering the big new community Citrus Bay Chula Vista is rising where Sears once stood. The answer is simple yet thoughtful: this development is a separate entity designed to complement the new housing and the broader needs of our Chula Vista community.

Chula Vista Center the old Sears location
Dirt and rubble are all that is left of the old Sears location now. A new housing development along with a medical clinic are coming to the area soon. This photo was shot on November 2023.

As we look forward to these changes, it’s essential to remember that they are, for now, proposals. But the vision behind them—to enhance healthcare accessibility and support our growing community—is something worth getting excited about.

I will keep my ears to the ground for any updates or sneak peeks, including those much-anticipated photos of the building. After all, seeing is believing, and I can’t wait to see how this project unfolds, bringing new life and services to our beloved Chula Vista Center.

Stay tuned, neighbors, for more updates as they come. Remember, if you have any news or updates in Chula Vista, then reach out to me. You can message me on our new website or shoot me a DM on Instagram.


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