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TNT Pizza opening their new location in Chula Vista

TNT Pizza coming soon to Chula Vista

New business alert along Third Avenue! Get ready to get yourself a slice because the pizza game in Chula Vista is about to get a whole lot zestier! TNT Pizza, a name that’s been stirring waves since its humble pop-up beginnings, is on the brink of launching its second San Diego location, and my taste buds are already dancing!

Back in April 2020, when the world was in a whirlwind, Joseph Ghafori Wehrly and Kevin Gist, two pizza aficionados with a whopping nearly four decades of dough-tossing experience, decided to spice things up. TNT Pizza began as a weekly pop-up that quickly became the talk of the town. Their pre-ordered, rotating pizza styles were so irresistible, they consistently sold out!

Fast forward to late 2021, TNT Pizza transformed from a pop-up to a permanent sensation, opening its doors in the East Village of downtown San Diego. This spot, once home to Alpha Pizza, now sizzles with a mouth-watering array of pizzas. From the chewy goodness of sourdough Detroit to bar-style slices, whole pies, and even vegan options – TNT Pizza is a haven for pizza lovers!

TNT Pizza is coming to Chula Vista with a new location on third ave
TNT Pizza is coming to Chula Vista with a new location on third ave. Just look at this pizza and tell me you can’t wait for them to open. Photo Credit TNT Pizza Instagram account

TNT Pizza is coming to downtown Chula Vista

Now, here’s the big news that’s got the Chula Vista food scene buzzing. TNT Pizza has teamed up with renowned developer Alan Cassell to bring their pizza magic to a spacious 2,500 square-foot location, formerly occupied by Attitude Brewing Company, right in the heart of Chula Vista on Third Avenue. The anticipation is real, folks!

The new TNT Pizza promises a throwback vibe to those cozy, nostalgic mom n’ pop slice shops of 1970s NYC. Think regional pizzas, ever-changing specials, and more. They’re not just stopping at pizza, though. Get ready for an array of salads, stromboli, sinfully delicious deep-fried calzones, desserts to die for, and a robust selection of vegan and gluten-free options. Oh, and let’s not forget the beer & wine – cheers to that!

Mark your calendars for this spring, as TNT Pizza is set to open its doors at 221 Third Avenue in Chula Vista. My fellow pizza enthusiasts, keep your eyes peeled on TNT Pizza’s Instagram for all the latest updates. Trust me, this is one culinary adventure you won’t want to miss!

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