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Otay Ranch Town Center Farmers Market is a great event

Otay Ranch Town Center Farmers Market

What is going on in Chula Vista today? I want to tell you about the Otay Ranch Town Center Farmers Market. My wife and I went there last Tuesday; it was a great time. They have a lot of food, craft vendors, and more. The market runs every Tuesday from 4 to 8 PM right down the center of the mall.

It has been a while since I was out at this market, maybe two years ago. One of the things you notice right off the bat is all the food vendors. They have a great selection of food you can purchase or take home with you. I went for the grilled cheese with bacon, and it was delicious; it’s prepared fresh, so definitely check it out. The variety here is huge, and I will be back to try some more.

You will also find plenty of sweet treats, so get ready to be tempted. I had the cream-filled donuts, and they were delicious. Next time, I will try the ice cream when it gets a little warmer. There are also local vendors selling cookies and Mexican treats. You are definitely going to be busting your diet plan when you visit. LOL

Otay Ranch Town Center Farmers Market
Just look at those cream filled donuts you will find at the Otay Ranch Town Center Farmers Market

One thing I saw little of was produce vendors. When I was there, they had only one spot selling fresh fruit. I’m not counting the vendor selling plants that are not produce. There is also a wide variety of vendors selling homemade goods and a few selling newer items like toys.

I recommend going out, taking the family, and walking the market on a Tuesday night. I’m sure during the summer months, this is going to get busy, so be ready to wait for your food.

So have you been to the market? What did you think, and, more importantly, what did you like? Leave a comment below, and I may check it out.

Check out our video of the Otay Ranch Town Center Farmers Market

Otay Ranch Town Center Farmers Market FAQ

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