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Five Fierce Female Entrepreneurs Shaking Up Downtown Chula Vista

Mujer Divina Chula Vista location

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, let’s spotlight Five Fierce Female Entrepreneurs leaving their mark on Downtown Chula Vista. From reviving neighborhood gems to showcasing Mexican artistry, these boss ladies are slaying the game, and I love to support them.

Snooky Rico – Rico’s On 3rd, The Salon Inc.

More than just a hairstylist, Snooky is a real-life Wonder Woman. With over four decades in the business, she turned her passion into a thriving family salon. But her impact goes beyond tresses—after battling breast cancer, she started a nonprofit providing free services and support to cancer warriors. Snooky’s “Loving You Through It” is the ultimate beauty empowerment.

Daisy Romero – El Cholo’s Kid

This border child has Mexican culture running through her veins. In 2008, Daisy made her dream a reality by launching El Cholo’s Kid to showcase the talents of Mexican artisans stateside. Her recent brick-and-mortar on Third Ave is a vibrant hub offering handmade, recycled plastic bags that are functional works of art. If you have yet to visit her new store along Third Ave., then check her out. You can not miss it; the front of the store is my absolute favorite, so colorful.

El Cholo Kid is one of our Five Fierce Female Entrepreneurs in Chula Vista
I love the colorful store front of El Cholo Kid along Third Ave. You really can’t miss it.

Priscilla Curiel – Mujer Divina Coffee & Tuetano Taco Shop

With roots at her family’s beloved Talavera Azul, Priscilla’s culinary skills were forged in fire. She’s bringing new life to the neighborhood with her upcoming Mujer Divina Coffee Shop and Tuétano Taqueria. Get ready for unique brews, breakfast burritos, and the most authentic birria this side of the border. Her new location opened this month and is already attracting quite a crowd. I love everything she does, and she is a true leader when it comes to taking charge and going for it.

Mujer Divina Chula Vista location
Mujer Divina Chula Vista location just opened up and is already drawing quite a crowd. Have you been?

Evelyn Salazar – Standlee’s

When this decades-old bakery supply store faced closure, Evelyn jumped in to save the day. Turning her passions for desserts and charcuterie into entrepreneurial gold, she’s breathing new life into Standlee’s. Swing by for baking workshops and an expanded inventory that’ll make you drool. Evelyn also hosts so many fun events at her location. Ensure you follow her on Instagram to see when her next workshop is coming up.

Dewanna Dallas & Via Gary – D’Via Art & Style

A friendship forged in high school blossomed into an artistic powerhouse. Dewanna and Via are the self-taught creators behind D’Via Art & Style, a vibrant haven for original fine art, wearable fashions, statement jewelry, and more. Each piece is a reflection of their boundless creativity and passion.

These Five Fierce Female Entrepreneurs are just a taste of the incredible female entrepreneurial spirit thriving in Downtown Chula Vista and all over this community. There are so many other women-owned gems waiting to be discovered and supported. From trendy boutiques to cozy cafes, the area is brimming with passion projects brought to life by local ladies. So get out there and show your support! Explore the unique offerings, soak up the vibrant energy, and celebrate the fierce females transforming our community one small business at a time.

Amanda Contreras

Amanda, hailing from the vibrant city of Chula Vista, embodies the spirit of adventure and exploration. With a Journalism degree from Southwestern College under her belt, she possesses a keen eye for captivating stories and a deep appreciation for the community that shaped her. Whether she's basking in the lively ambiance of a local dog park or savoring the joyful moments with friends at her go-to happy hour haven, Amanda's zest for life and her city shines through. Her passion for uncovering the hidden gems of Chula Vista and her commitment to storytelling make her a unique voice and a beloved figure among those who know her.