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Downtown Chula Vista transformation with so many new businesses

Downtown Chula Vista has been seeing new life with vibrant businesses

Downtown Chula Vista is exciting as it becomes the new hotspot for culinary and artistic adventures. The area is now home to a variety of eateries and creative artisan shops, injecting fresh energy into the Third Avenue scene. Today, we are going to highlight some of the spots we love and discover what will happen to the area as we move forward.

Kalaveras brings its unique restaurant to Downtown Chula Vista

Among the newcomers is Calaveras Mexican restaurant, which is setting the culinary world on fire, revolutionizing the dining experience on Chula Vista’s Third Avenue. Liliana Brito, the Marketing Director at Kalaveras, believes their unique concept is exactly what the community was missing.

Already famous in Southern California for its mouth-watering quesabirria tacos, Calaveras has chosen San Diego County for its latest venture, and locals have welcomed it warmly.

Kalaveras isn’t just about traditional Mexican cuisine; they mix it up with dishes that blend sushi and pasta with a Latin twist, offering an eclectic taste that locals can’t get enough of.

Monica Perez, a long-time Chula Vista resident, appreciates the convenience and variety that Third Avenue now offers, eliminating the need to travel far for a quality dining experience.

“There are so many great spots now along Third Avenue to get something to eat and drink.” Monica said as she stepped inside Balboa Burgers, one of her favorite spots.

Kalaveras downtown chula vista
If you love quesabirria, you need to check out Kalaveras Downtown Chula Vista. They also have many other options and delicious drinks.

Vibrant new locally-owned businesses bring a new life to Chula Vista

This vibrant transformation of Third Avenue is evident in its colorful murals and the presence of local artisans like Daisy Romero, owner of El Cholo’s Kid.

“It’s the brightest store on Third Avenue, that’s El Cholo’s Kid and that’s just what it is, and it’s beautiful,” said Daisy Romero, El Cholo’s Kid owner.

Romero, who opened her first storefront on Third Avenue in October, brings a touch of authenticity with her eco-friendly, brightly colored bags and clutches crafted from recycled plastic bottles.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Mexican market bags, Romero’s handwoven creations from Jalisco have found a global audience, reaching customers as far as Dubai, Australia, and Europe.

Downtown Chula Vista is home to so many vibrant new businesses like Cholos Kid
Downtown Chula Vista is home to so many vibrant new businesses like Cholos Kid. You can’t miss those bright colors.

Residents are in love with the new Third Avenue transformation

The cultural richness of Third Avenue can be seen all over the area now. So many residents are flocking to the area for their morning coffee fix or to enjoy the many locally-owned breweries.

“I love that I can come down here and enjoy a cup of coffee from the Grind House and then return after work and chill out with friends at 3Punks Ale.” Said Julia Marteniz as she waited for her coffee order. “We could never do that before.”

According to Dominic Li Mandri, the District Manager for the Downtown Chula Vista Association, Third Avenue is experiencing a renaissance.

“Third Avenue is hitting its stride. It’s experienced somewhat of a renaissance,” said Dominic Li Mandri.

Home to over 220 small businesses, including longstanding establishments like La Bella’s Pizza, which opened in the early ’50s, and new-age ventures like El Cholo’s Kid, the avenue is rapidly filling any vacancies with exciting new businesses.

This bustling growth on Third Avenue blends a new charm with its enduring small-town essence. Romero encapsulates this sentiment, encouraging people just to relax, park, grab a coffee, and enjoy a leisurely stroll through this dynamic and welcoming community.

Be sure to watch our latest video on all the changes that are coming to Downtown Chula Vista.

So much more to come to Downtown Chula Vista

Further enhancing this growth, the Downtown Chula Vista Association, in collaboration with San Diego County Board of Supervisors Chairperson Nora Vargas, is working on a grant to develop public spaces, including a new public square at Memorial Park. This initiative promises further to enrich the community spirit and vibrancy of Third Avenue.

The vibrant transformation along Downtown Chula Vista injects new energy while preserving its small-town charm. We love seeing all the new businesses opening up in the area and can not wait to see what the future holds. If you have been a long-time resident, then let us know what you think. Have you noticed the changes? What is your favorite new restaurant or business in the area? We will continue to follow the growth and let you know when new spots open up.

Amanda Contreras

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