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Does Otay Farms Market have the best tortillas?

I recently posted a video on Instagram asking where the best flour tortillas are in Chula Vista, and guess what? A savvy follower pointed me toward the hidden gem that is Otay Farms Market & Mexican Food, claiming it reigns supreme in the tortilla game. Intrigued? You bet I was! It’s been ages since my last visit, so I couldn’t resist the urge to explore.

And, oh boy, did Otay Farms deliver! Not only did I snag those much-talked-about flour tortillas, but I also came across a treasure trove of goodies. From fresh produce that looked like it had just been kissed by the morning dew to a meat counter that had me planning BBQs for weeks and a prepared food section that sent my taste buds on a journey. Yes, the tortillas were delish, but my heart still belongs to Carnival Markets when it comes to holding the crown for the best in Chula Vista. However, a plot twist – Otay Farms Market takes the cake (or should I say bread?) for offering the best Mexican bread in town.

Now, I’m turning the tables on you – what’s your go-to spot for Hispanic market delights in Chula Vista? Please share your favorites, and let’s discover more hidden gems together!


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