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The Chula Vista sign is getting a new paint job and LED lights

The Chula Vista sign is getting an upgrade

In the coming weeks, the heart of Chula Vista’s bustling business district will witness a transformation of one of its most recognizable symbols. The Chula Vista sign, a fixture for nearly twenty years, is set for an exciting upgrade. Crews are rolling up their sleeves to infuse new life into this iconic landmark with cutting-edge, color-changing LED lights, mirroring the vibrant restoration seen with the Hillcrest sign.

The Chula Vista sign gets a bright future with LEDs

Ward Lannom, a Signtech representative spearheading this project, shared insights into the renovation. Tasked by Chula Vista’s city officials, Signtech’s mission is to replace outdated neon lights with energy-efficient LEDs and undertake additional restoration efforts. This switch not only promises a visually stunning sign but also forecasts significant savings in energy costs and reductions in emissions for the city. “By the time we’re done, we’re looking forward to unveiling a sign that not only lights up the street but also sets a sustainable example,” Lannom said enthusiastically.

Time to upgrade the sign with the latest technology

Reflecting on the sign’s past, Lannom acknowledged neon’s charm and appeal but pointed out its inefficiencies and rising maintenance costs. “Neon had its era, but LEDs are now the way forward, capable of mimicking neon’s glow without its energy footprint,” he explained. This technological leap forward means the Third Avenue sign can now celebrate Chula Vista’s vibrant community spirit in a kaleidoscope of colors, aligning with holidays and city events, from the Fourth of July fireworks to Cinco de Mayo festivities.

Pay attention to workers and road closures during the work

As the upgrade takes shape, parts of Third Avenue will see temporary closures to ensure the safety of the crews hard at work. Scheduled disruptions will occur from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., with detours planned around the work zones from Parkway to G Street. Traffic patterns will adapt as the project progresses, aiming for minimal inconvenience to the community.

The Chula Vista sign is getting an upgrade this month
During the work Third Avenue will be closed to only one lane during the day. Be sure to pay attention to the signs & workers.

Another welcomed upgrade to the downtown area

This sign’s facelift symbolizes more than technological advancement; it reflects Chula Vista’s commitment to progress, sustainability, and community pride. “It’s more than just an update; it’s a reinvigoration of our shared spaces, benefiting everyone in Chula Vista—from business owners to residents,” Lannom added, capturing the collective anticipation for the Chula Vista sign’s new chapter.

Stay tuned as Third Avenue’s gateway sign transitions into a modern beacon of community and innovation, promising brighter days (and nights) ahead for Chula Vista. We will be posting more photos and videos of the work. You can always follow us on Instagram for the latest.


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