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VaniTEE Skincare Studio now opened in San Miguel Ranch

VaniTEE Skincare Studio in Chula Vista

As a fellow mom of three, I understand the struggles that come with low self-esteem. Theresa Aqui’s story about growing up with acne and wearing makeup to cover it up really resonated with me. Many of you can relate to feeling self-conscious about your appearance and worrying about how others perceive you.

VaniTEE Skincare Studio in Chula Vista just opened this month

The great news is that Theresa found a way to boost her confidence and now wants to help other moms do the same! She opened her own skincare studio, VaniTEE, right here in Chula Vista. Theresa Aqui opened her new studio in San Miguel Ranch area this month. This adorable little studio offers treatments like PRP therapy, fillers, thread lifts, and more to help you achieve glowing, rejuvenated skin. You can book your appointments on their website here. I highly recommened you also follow Theresa Aqui on her Instagram profile.

But VaniTEE isn’t just about looking better on the outside – it’s about radiating self-love and confidence from within! Theresa takes the time to really listen and bond with her clients over shared experiences. She wants this to be a safe, empowering space for moms to feel their most beautiful, inside and out. As one happy client shared, “Tee always works so passionately to ensure her clients get the best experience and insight, and we are reaping the rewards from your efforts! Her professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to client/patient satisfaction put me at ease throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Theresa Aqui and her staff at Vanitee.”

VaniTEE Skincare Studio in Chula Vista
The Diamond Glow Plus Package at VaniTEE Skincare Studio in Chula Vista is awesome.

Even if you don’t get treatment, I love that Theresa emphasizes the importance of learning to build self-confidence. As moms, we must set a positive example for our kids and show them how to love themselves. A skin treatment may give you a boost, but true confidence comes from within.

So if you’re looking for a little self-care pick-me-up, head to VaniTEE and see what it’s all about. Theresa offers free consultations, so there’s no pressure. Feel free to share your self-esteem tips on our Instagram or Facebook page! We’re all in this together.


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