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Top Three Hamburger Spots in Chula Vista

What is happening Chula Vista? Here are my Top Three Hamburger Spots in Chula Vista to get a juicy burger.

First up, Balboa Burgers is in downtown Chula Vista. I think 80% of you agree this is the best burger in town. I love their burgers, and they also have a great beer menu. What better way to celebrate National Burger Day than with a Balboa Burger and beer.

For my number two spot, I owe it to all of you who let me know about this place. Rey TJ’s Burgers on Main Street has not been around that long and delivers a solid burger. Just look at that double-patty beast. I have a full video review coming soon, so stay tuned.

For my third pick, I’m returning to downtown Chula Vista with Tavern & Vogue. I’m surprised only a few of you recommended the Tavern. They have a delicious hamburger and those tater tots are the best. I might have to head down there tonight and get a burger.

I still need to get over to Banging Benny’s, which many of you recommended in the comments, and Caliano Pizza, which I didn’t even realize had burgers, but many of you said I needed to get out there and try them.

That’s my list. Let me know if I hit the mark or missed the target.

📍Balboa Burgers
📍Rey TJ Burgers
📍Vogue Tavern


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