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Taste of Third Avenue: A Delicious Celebration of Chula Vista’s Culinary Scene

Taste of Third Avenue was a big hit in Chula Vista

The highly anticipated Taste of Third Avenue event took place on Thursday, March 22nd, transforming the streets of downtown Chula Vista into a lively celebration of local cuisine and culture. Organized by the Downtown Civic Association, this annual affair drew enthusiastic crowds eager to sample downtown Chula Vista’s diverse flavors.

I love going to this event each year as it allows me to sample new eateries and then come back and support them. Tickets to this year’s event were $40, which is well worth the price. My wife and I will usually eat off of just one ticket. Many of the participants give you a good sample portion.

The Vibrant Atmosphere

The downtown area was very lively for the event, and plenty of people came out to enjoy it. The aroma of sizzling dishes and the rhythmic beats of music set the perfect backdrop for an afternoon of indulgence. Once you pick up your food passport, you can stroll to the various locations on the map.

What truly set this event apart from previous events was the Downtown Civic Association’s commitment to sustainability. Reusable utensils were provided, minimizing the event’s environmental impact and aligning with Chula Vista’s eco-friendly values. Many locations still provided plastic forks and spoons, but I tried to avoid them and use my handy utensils.

Taste of Third Avenue stand-out favorites

One of the highlights was undoubtedly Shake and Muddle’s Ahi Tuna Tostada. Its harmonious blend of flavors left me craving more. In years past, I didn’t get to venture out this far, so I missed the opportunity to give them a try. This is one spot I will definitely be back to try for dinner or even Sunday Brunch.

Equally impressive was Agave Coffee & Cafe right next door. They had vegan chilaquiles & mini taco samples. The portion size was huge, and every bite was delicious. It has been a long time since I have visited Agave, but I will be sure to visit more often.

Some new kids on the block that participated this year

Another favorite of the night was La Nacional. They’re a new spot along Third Avenue, their first time participating. The sample was a Chicharron with guacamole and a house-rolled chicken flauta. You also got to sample their Paloma, which was really good.

Brewjeria Taproom & Kitchen is also a new spot that participated. They recently took over the El Cruce 241 location. I was able to speak with the new owner briefly, and he gave me some insights into what they have planned for the location.

I look forward to the changes and will update you once they finalize everything. If you visit, get the Grapes of Wrath beer; that was my favorite.

There was one new spot that had a long line to get your sample: the new Kalavera’s restaurant. Not only did you get a delicious, whole serving of one of their mocktails, but they also gave you a sample of the Pasta a la Diabla & Barbacoa. I can see why they had such a long line; the food was delicious, and the drink was so good. Kalavera’s has been a solid favorite of mine ever since they moved in along Third Avenue.

Kalavera's was a hit at the Taste of Third Avenue
Kalavera’s was a big hit at the Taste of Third Avenue. They had a long line out front.

What was your favorite stop during the event

So, did you get the chance to enjoy the Taste of Third Avenue? What did you think, and who was your favorite spot? There were so many to try. A big shout-out and thank you to all the participating restaurants and breweries. I know it is a lot of hard work to put this on.

If you missed this year’s event, follow me for more. I always give you the scoop on fun events in the community. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Threads. If you really want to be part of the in-crowd, then join my newsletter for all the cool happenings in the area. See you at the next event.


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