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Standlee’s Baking Supply Store: Preserving the tradition in Chula Vista

Standlees on Third Avenue

In the heart of Chula Vista, a beacon of baking tradition has stood tall for over six decades. Standlee’s Baking Supply Store, a longstanding establishment in the community since the 1950s, continues to serve as a haven for bakers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals. If you have lived in Chula Vista for some time, then you have visited Standlee’s before. 

In a recent interview on San Diego CBS8, Evelyn Salazar, the current owner, shared the store’s rich history and unwavering commitment to serving bakers’ passion.

The Legacy of Standlee’s Baking Supply Store

Standlee’s Baking Supply Store has been an integral part of the Chula Vista community for over half a century. While the ownership has changed hands over the years, the store’s core values and dedication to providing top-quality baking supplies have remained steadfast. Evelyn Salazar, a passionate baker herself, took over the reins of this iconic establishment, ensuring that the legacy lives on.

Meeting the Needs of Bakers in Chula Vista

Evelyn Salazar’s dedication to preserving the store’s legacy is evident in her commitment to catering to a diverse clientele. Standlee’s offers a wide range of baking supplies, from essential ingredients to specialized tools and equipment. Whether you’re a home baker whipping up a batch of cookies or a professional pastry chef crafting intricate desserts, Standlee’s has everything you need under one roof, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

Passion for Baking and candy-making

Evelyn’s own passion for baking is the driving force behind her dedication to the store. As both owner and baker, she understands the intricacies and challenges of the craft, and her enthusiasm is contagious. The store’s customers fuel her passion, inspiring her to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and techniques, ensuring that Standlee’s remains a hub for baking excellence.

Community Connection

Standlee’s Baking Supply Store is more than just a place to buy baking supplies; it’s a cornerstone of the Chula Vista community. For decades, the store has fostered a sense of belonging and camaraderie among local residents. Whether you’re a seasoned baker seeking inspiration or a curious newcomer eager to learn, Standlee’s welcomes you with open arms, creating a space where the love of baking brings people together.

I highly recommend you follow them on their Instagram account. They post specials and information on cooking and candy-making classes, and there are even a few I might check out.

Unique Offerings and Special Clientele

Beyond traditional baking supplies, Standlee’s caters to unique needs and unconventional uses. From edible coloring for pets to hair dye for covering grays, the store’s commitment to meeting diverse demands is unparalleled. In a recent interview with San Diego CBS8, Evelyn shared humorous anecdotes, highlighting the store’s ability to adapt and cater to the ever-changing needs of its customers.

Are you ready to be a baker or candy maker?

Standlee’s Baking Supply Store is a true pillar of the Chula Vista community, preserving tradition while embracing innovation and serving the passion of bakers. Evelyn Salazar’s dedication to upholding the store’s legacy and providing a warm, welcoming environment is evident in every aspect of the business. 

As a female-owned business, Standlee’s has been highlighted in March for Women’s Day, celebrating the achievements of women entrepreneurs like Evelyn, who have made their mark in the community. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or a curious newcomer, a visit to Standlee’s promises an experience like no other, filled with expertise, warmth, and an array of baking supplies that will ignite your culinary passion.


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