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South Bay Earth Day 2024 had some great music and more for Chula Vista

South Bay Earth Day was a fun event in Chula Vista

This past Saturday, Chula Vista hosted its annual South Bay Earth Day event, a spectacular gathering dedicated to environmental stewardship. Despite cloudy skies, the J St. Marina was bustling with energy, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Port of San Diego, the City of Chula Vista, and local sponsors. I was out there for the day and had a great time. I have always felt this event is one so many people don’t realize how good it is.

There were so many activities at this year’s event

The event was a whirlwind of activities, catering to a wide array of interests and ages. Attendees had the chance to engage with several information booths covering everything from composting to solar energy, highlighting the city’s strides toward reducing environmental impact.

A standout addition this year was the repair workshop, a first for the event. Residents lined up to give their household items a second life, aiding the community’s efforts in waste reduction.

The event was equally thrilling for the younger attendees. They participated in a plant-making class, where they could get their hands dirty and take their succulents home. It was a practical, fun lesson on caring for our planet from their homes.

South Bay Earth Day event at Chula Vista
One of the biggest highlights of the event is always the live music. Ozomatli was the headliner. The Selena Tribute Band before them had the crowd dancing to Selena classics.

South Bay Earth Day always has a great musical lineup

The highlight of the day, without a doubt, was the live music. The air was filled with the vibrant beats of Dreaming of You — the Ultimate Selena Tribute Band, and later, the eclectic sounds of Ozomatli. These performances underscored the event’s festive atmosphere, bringing together the community in celebration and dance.

Next year, I will bring a chair and relax and enjoy their live music. Now, all they need is a beer garden so we can enjoy a relaxing day at the bay with excellent live music.

South Bay Earth Day event was a lot of fun
Along with the music, there were plenty of booths to visit and learn how to conserve.

Local Involvement and Learning

The local involvement was impressive, with booths from various city programs, including those on composting and food waste. The City of Chula Vista even provided residents with free food waste buckets to encourage sustainable practices at home.

While the event was a joy, there’s always room for improvement. Expanding the food truck selection would be a delightful improvement. This year, we had just three food trucks, one of which was primarily serving ice cream. The prices seemed steep, with a hamburger and fries costing $30. It would be wonderful to see a wider variety of culinary options in future events, ensuring that there’s something tasty and affordable for everyone to enjoy.

Personal Reflections

Personally, I enjoyed relaxing on the grass, enjoying the live music, and meeting local leaders who shared their vision for Chula Vista’s future. These moments of community connection reinforce the value of local events.

I love to highlight these events to encourage you to get out there and enjoy them. Events like this help you discover all the great city resources available to you. It also allows you to enjoy a day at the Chula Vista Marina with the family. Make sure you follow me on Instagram. I love to promote great family fun events like this.

Looking Forward to more Chula Vista events

Looking ahead, Chula Vista is buzzing with anticipation for the upcoming Gaylord Hotel project at the Chula Vista Marina and more community events as the weather warms up. If you want to see what is coming up next, check out our event calendar here.

So, let’s stay active, stay informed, and celebrate our community. Here’s to making next year’s Earth Day event even bigger and better!


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