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Mujer Divina burrito & coffee house coming to downtown Chula Vista soon

Mujer Divina is opening soon along downtown Chula Vista

I’m always on the hunt for delicious new coffee shops and tasty burrito joints in the South Bay, so when I heard about Mujer Divina in National City, I knew I had to check it out. All of my friends have been raving about it. They all had suggestions on what to get so I was ready.

Mujer Divina was a project of Priscilla Curiel, the owner of the popular Tuetano Taqueria taco shop. The small but vibrant cafe offers a wide selection of unique coffee drinks, from classic lattes to Mexican-inspired flavors like Cafe de Olla. They also serve up homemade burritos stuffed with Curiel’s family recipes.

A little small, but big on flavor and ambiance

As soon as I walked in, I fell in love with the colorful, feminine decor and the lively ambiance. It is a little small and I highly suggest you give them time. With the latest buzz around them they do get busy and wait times can be long. If you’re in a rush to grab your coffee and go then you might want to consider another place. With that said, it is worth the wait and the staff is doing an amazing job.

“This place immediately gives you a warm, welcoming vibe,” said my friend Maria. “You can tell they care about creating a space for women to feel empowered.”

We ordered a couple of iced coffees – the Cookie Monster latte and cinnamon churro latte – along with a chorizo con papas burrito and the machaca burrito. Everything was fresh, flavorful and delicioso!

The machaca burrito quickly became, my favorite with its tender shredded beef, beans, cheese and amazing red sauce. It tasted like home cooking from my abuela’s kitchen.

“That machaca burrito is out of this world! The meat is so juicy and full of flavor,” Maria raved. “This is totally my new go-to spot.”

Mujer Divina in Chula Vista will be opening soon on Third Avenue
Mujer Divina in Chula Vista will be opening soon on Third Avenue. This is a recent image from their Instagram page. Be sure to follow them.

Mujer Divina will be expanding to Chula Vista soon!

Mujer Divina has been such a hit in National City that they will be opening a second location later this year in downtown Chula Vista. This new cafe will allow Curiel to bring her delicious coffee and burritos to more customers in the South Bay. The Chula Vista spot will feature the same empowering feminine vibe along with an expanded menu. I can’t wait to check out the new location when it opens and sample even more of their amazing Mexican-inspired offerings! South Bay coffee lovers and burrito aficionados have even more to look forward to with this divine new outpost.

I will be adding Mujer Divina to my list of places I love

Overall, Mujer Divina is a delightful addition to the Chula Vista food and coffee scene. The service is friendly, the prices are reasonable, and most importantly, the coffee and burritos are fantastic. I highly recommend stopping by this divine little cafe on your next visit to National City!

Do you have a favorite spot in the South Bay that I need to add to my radar? Then make sure to visit us on Instagram or Facebook and shout them out. We just might be headed to visit them next.

Amanda Contreras

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