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March 2024 updates on Downtown Chula Vista

Hey there, neighbors! Your friendly neighborhood blogger here with the latest scoop on what’s brewing in our beloved downtown Chula Vista. Get ready to mark your calendars because some exciting changes are happening. You know how much I adore strolling through our vibrant streets, popping into local haunts, and staying in the loop on all the happenings. Grab a seat and let me fill you in!

First up, remember that iconic spot that used to be the Chula Vista Ale House? Well, hold onto your hats because a brand-new brewery is about to take over that prime real estate. Resident Brewery is gearing up to make its grand debut, and you know I’ll be first in line to give you all the juicy details as soon as those opening dates are announced. Keep those pint glasses polished, folks!

But that’s not all! Prepare your taste buds because a new restaurant is coming to town, and it’s setting up shop right next to our beloved La Nacional. El Patrona is taking over the old Brewhouse spot, promising to bring a fresh and flavorful dining experience to our community. I can already smell the mouthwatering aromas wafting through the streets.

And let’s not forget about TNT Pizza! Many of you have been raving about their delicious pies in the comments section of my previous posts. Well, get ready to indulge even closer to home because they’re hard at work prepping their new location for an epic grand opening. I’ll be sure to give you all the insider tips on their can’t-miss specialties.

Mark my words, downtowners, this is just the beginning! Our beloved neighborhood is buzzing with even more exciting developments on the horizon. Stay tuned to my blog for the latest updates, insider scoops, and all the juicy details you crave. I’ll be back with more news before you can say “another round, please!”

Cheers to our vibrant community and the amazing transformations happening right before our eyes. Let’s raise a glass (or a slice of pizza) to the future of downtown Chula Vista!


I have lived in this great community for over 30 years. In that time I have seen so many changes both good and bad. My goal is to promote this city and all of the good that goes on here. There are so many local events, small businesses and community groups making this city even better. You can always find me at the events taking photos. This site is a passion project of mine and I want to use this platform to get the community engaged. Get out and enjoy Chula Vista and make sure to follow me on all the socials for more!