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Magnolias Coffee Bistro in Eastlake needs to be on your list to visit

Magnolias Coffee Bistro in Eastlake Chula Vista

What is going on in Chula Vista? For my first stop on our coffee exploration of locally owned coffee shops from the bay to the lake, we have Magnolias Coffee Bistro in Eastlake. This charming little coffee shop is nestled inside the Play City location in the Eastlake District strip mall and is the brainchild of Fernanda, a passionate and hardworking single mom who decided to bring a unique coffee experience to our beloved city. I got the chance to stop by and talk with her and learn more about this great spot.

Fernanda’s Journey to Magnolias Coffee Bistro

Fernanda, a Chula Vista native, opened Magnolias Coffee Bistro five months ago. With no prior experience running or working at a coffee shop, she took a leap of faith to start her own business. And let me tell you, her dedication and love for her craft shines through every cup of coffee she serves. Seeing the happy faces of her customers drives her to keep going, and it’s clear that she’s found her calling.

I learned about Magnolias Coffee Bistro on Facebook and knew it needed to be highlighted. I love to see businesses like this grow and thrive in our community.

Magnolias Coffee Bistro owner and Mr. Chula Vista
Magnolias Coffee Bistro owner Fernanda and Mr. Chula Vista Kurt Bunch

A Unique Coffee Experience

Magnolia’s Coffee’s variety and quality set it apart from the usual corporate coffee houses. Fernanda’s menu doesn’t stop at coffee; she also serves delicious pastries, mouthwatering waffles topped with Nutella, and fresh fruit, and she’s planning to expand the food selection soon. While I was there, I gave the lavender iced mocha a try, and it was delicious.

The coffee shop is a cozy nook within Play City, bathed in natural light and decorated with greenery that gives it a warm, welcoming feel. Fernanda’s upbeat personality and genuine care for repeat customers make Magnolia’s a place where you’ll always feel at home.

Magnolia’s is More Than Just Coffee

Magnolias Coffee Bistro offers a wide variety of hot and cold beverages. During my visit, I had the pleasure of trying the Belgian Waffle dessert, covered in Nutella and fresh strawberries—it was heavenly! There’s also pizza, grilled cheese for the kids, and muffins. While there are no special events just yet, Fernanda has exciting plans to open a second location in National City, and I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on that!

You can follow Magnolias Coffee Bistro on Instagram or visit their website for more information on their hours.

Magnolias Coffee Bistro also offers pastries and food items
Just look at these delicious pastries you can grab along with your coffee at Magnolias Coffee Bistro in Eastlake.

Community Love and Support

The local community has embraced Magnolia’s with open arms. A Chula Vista resident, Kathy shared her excitement with me, saying, “This spot is perfect. I can bring my kids to Play City and enjoy an iced mocha while I read. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Magnolia’s Coffee Shop.” It’s clear that Magnolia’s is more than just a coffee shop—it’s a place where community bonds are strengthened.

Mr. Chula Vista recently visited Magnolia’s Coffee Bistro and created a YouTube short about the visit.

Looking Ahead to the future

Fernanda has big dreams for Magnolia’s Coffee. She’s looking to extend the shop’s hours and open a second location in National City. Plus, there are plans to add more delicious items to the menu. And here’s a little bonus for you – residents can enjoy a 15% neighbor discount on coffee drinks!

All right, Chula Vista, be sure to get out there and support Fernanda. If you’re in Eastlake and looking to get some coffee, then make your way to Magnolia’s Coffee. Magnolia’s has got you covered whether you’re looking to catch up with friends, spend quality time with family, or enjoy some alone time with a great cup of coffee. Indulge in their delightful treats while soaking in the cozy, welcoming atmosphere. You won’t be disappointed!

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