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Las Ahumaderas – Discovering Chula Vista’s Culinary Gem

las ahumaderas by el poblano

If there is one thing Chula Vista has plenty of it’s delicious food choices. We have seen a wave of new places opening up all over. I love to see new restaurants opening and today is one I have been waiting for. Every time I would drive down Broadway I would check to see if Las Ahumaderas was finally opening. Well today I’m happy to say it is here – the grand opening of a Tijuana legend Las Ahumaderas. This famous taco restaurant, known for its mouthwatering offerings, has expanded its horizons to Chula Vista, bridging the culinary gap between the two cities.

Las Ahumaderas Brings A New Spot with Familiar Flavors

Situated at the bustling corner of Broadway and Moss, Las Ahumaderas opened it’s doors on Tuesday to a line of people waiting to order tacos. I stepped into the restaurant and the aromas of classic Tijuana tacos mingled with the excitement of new twists on traditional favorites. The menu is a tempting array of Asada and a tacos, Elote, and even Crepes – a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to both tradition and innovation.

Las Ahumaderas in Chula Vista
Las Ahumaderas in Chula Vista tacos. Photo courtesy of Claudeth C. on Yelp!

The Opening Day: Chula Vista turns out to show their support

The opening day of Las Ahumaderas in Chula Vista was nothing short of a fiesta. The crowd’s enthusiasm was palpable, reflecting the community’s anticipation for this culinary addition. It wasn’t just the locals who were eagerly awaiting the opening; the buzz around this launch had been building for quite some time. I was recently speaking with some friends who couldn’t wait to give them a try once they opened. You can find Las Ahumaderas at 1011 Broadway (Visit their Google Maps Listing). The parking lot is kind of tight so it is best to find street parking.

“This place just opened and it is fantastic! Went with a coworker today for lunch. Authentic tacos, Mexican corn. Fresh. This will be a regular spot!!” Said Sean F. a Yelp! Reviewer after visiting.

Alan on Yelp! also loved the food and customer service, “One of the best California burritos I’ve had in a while. It was amazing! The customer service & presentation was 5 stars! I recommend to come here if you’re looking for decent food!”

If you want to submit your Yelp! review or see what others had to say then be sure to check out their Yelp listing here.

A Legacy Reborn

Behind this new venture is the charismatic Pedro Rodriguez, a man deeply rooted in the taco-making legacy of his family. His narrative is as rich as the flavors he serves. Originating from Tijuana’s famed taco alley, Pedro’s journey is a blend of tradition and entrepreneurial spirit. The restaurant’s name, a nod to its origins, encapsulates the essence of the smoke from the grills that has been a part of his family’s story for decades.

Pedro’s vision for the eatery goes beyond serving delicious food. He emphasizes the importance of an exceptional customer experience. His goal is for every patron to leave with not just a full belly but also a memorable experience. This commitment to customer satisfaction is what sets Las Ahumaderas apart in the bustling culinary landscape of Chula Vista.

A Culinary Landmark

Las Ahumaderas’ presence in Chula Vista is more than just a new dining option; it’s a cultural bridge, a culinary landmark that connects the flavors of Tijuana with the diverse palate of Chula Vista. As I wrapped up my visit, indulging in more tacos than I care to admit, I realized that Las Ahumaderas is not just a restaurant; it’s a celebration of heritage, flavor, and community. If you find yourself in Chula Vista, make sure to stop by 1011 Broadway – your taste buds will thank you!

Las Ahumaderas in Chula Vista will be open every day. Hours are Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. and Fridays and Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4 a.m.

Amanda Contreras

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