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Honoring Julius Kim Cunanan: The Heart of the JKC Memorial Hunte Parkway Road Race

JKC Memorial Hunte Parkway Road Race is this weekend

The Padyak Racing Team, Inc. is a passionate force in our community, dedicated to promoting bicycling and supporting both novice and professional racers. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, they work tirelessly to encourage local participation and foster national and international competitions. This mission is wonderfully embodied in the JKC Memorial Hunte Parkway Road Race, a touching tribute to Julius Kim Cunanan, a local cycling hero.

Celebrating Julius Kim Cunanan’s Legacy

Julius Kim Cunanan was more than just a cyclist; he was a beacon of enthusiasm and camaraderie in our community. A resident of Chula Vista, Julius co-founded the Padyak Racing Team (PRT) and welcomed new members with open arms, helping them discover the joys of bicycling and racing. Tragically, Julius lost his life in a bike crash in January 2021, but his spirit lives on through the annual JKC Memorial Hunte Parkway Road Race.

The Birth of a Chula Vista Community Event

The first race was held in June 2022, attracting participants from California, Arizona, Nevada, several other states, and Mexico. This inaugural event was designated the SCNCA (Southern California Nevada Cycling Association) Masters and Super Masters Championships, setting a high bar for future races.

In 2023, the race date moved to May 20, with 256 racers lining up to compete, ranging from novices to pros. This event isn’t just about racing; it’s about community, remembrance, and inspiring future generations.

“With the huge cycling family here in Chula Vista, we really wanted to focus on bringing this event to the community,” said Marc Hernandez, one of the event promoters. We love how the community has come together for this event, and we look forward to seeing it grow right here for a long time.”

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Engaging the Next Generation

One of the standout features of the JKC Memorial Hunte Parkway Road Race is its commitment to youth engagement. Over 100 kids aged 3-12 participated in a community kids event, where every child received a medal and a Mattel toy. Seeing the joy on their faces as they crossed the finish line was heartwarming. Thanks to donations from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department and residents, the kids also had a chance to win bicycles and more Mattel toys in a raffle.

Community Support and Involvement

An event of this magnitude wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of over 60 volunteers and numerous local sponsors. Padyak Racing Team extends heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed, from local businesses to enthusiastic participants. The local community’s support has made this event a resounding success.

JKC Memorial Hunte Parkway Road Race
Be sure to come out and have some fun at the JKC Memorial Hunte Parkway Road Race this weekend May 18th. If you missed it, then make sure you stay tuned for the next one.

New Additions and Highlights

This year, the race introduced a vendor food court featuring delicious offerings from Famigos, Tacos El Unico, and The Rush Coffee. Peninsula Bikes, a local bike shop, also had a display and an E-vehicle from the title sponsor, Herman Cook VW Encinitas.

The women’s pro podium was a poignant moment, showcasing the surviving children of Julius—Moonchie, Ink, and their mother, Kai. Pro-Sol Insurance generously sponsored the women’s pro race payouts, and Agile Sports Wear, sponsored by Bonnici Law Group, provided jerseys for the winners.

Already looking forward to the JKC Memorial Hunte Parkway Road Race 2025 event

The Padyak Racing Team is already gearing up for next year’s event. They would love to hear from you if you’re interested in volunteering or becoming a sponsor. Please email [email protected] or visit their website at

Join Us in Celebrating the Spirit of Cycling

The JKC Memorial Hunte Parkway Road Race is more than just a race; it’s a celebration of community, perseverance, and Julius Kim Cunanan’s enduring legacy. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a local supporter, your participation and enthusiasm keep Julius’s spirit alive and inspire future generations to embrace the joy of cycling. Let’s continue to pedal forward together, honoring the past and creating a brighter future for our community.


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