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Pásale Pásale show in Chula Vista

Step into the World of “Pásale Pásale” at the Rive Swap Meet!

Set against the lively backdrop of the bustling Rive Swap Meet, “Pásale Pásale” invites you into a world bursting with laughter, music, and a deep sense of community. When Señor Muchacosas decides to raise the vendors’ fees, it sends a wave of worry through those already struggling to get by. But in this sea of uncertainty, the audience becomes part of the journey, standing in solidarity with the vendors as they face these new challenges.

Written by Mario Vega, with captivating music and lyrics by Eliza Vedar, and a concept by Maria Patrice Amon, “Pásale Pásale” is a joyous celebration of community, resilience, and unity. Through infectious laughter, soul-stirring music, and touching moments, this production showcases the incredible strength that arises when people come together in the face of adversity. Join us and experience the magic of community spirit like never before!

The show will be shown at the Bayfront Charter High School in Chula Vista beginning May 29th and running until June 23rd. To purchase tickets, visit their website here.

830 Bay Blvd. Chula Vista, CA 91911