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Eastlake Food to Go Facebook group celebrates four years

Eastlake food to go Facebook group

I just had to share a fantastic community story with you. Stories like this drive me to create this website. Remember the amazing Facebook group I’ve discussed a few times, “Eastlake Food to Go!”? Well, it’s time to celebrate a special milestone!

Four years ago today, Katia Callahan created this incredible group as a lifeline for our community during the early days of the pandemic. With so much uncertainty about which businesses were open or offering takeout and delivery, members came together to share valuable information and support our local restaurants.

What started as a small group of around ten members has grown into a thriving community of nearly 25,000 active members! And it’s not just limited to Facebook – you can also find them on Instagram and Threads.

But this group is more than just a resource for finding open eateries. It has transformed into a vibrant support system for small businesses throughout the South Bay. From home-based food businesses to established restaurants, the group provides a platform for promotion and connection.

Eastlake Food To Go has supported so many local home-based businesses

One remarkable story is that of Diana Tapiz of Tres Fuegos Cocina, the first business in the county recognized as a home kitchen. Group members rallied together to speak to support the home kitchen program at the board of supervisors, leading to its permanent establishment earlier this year.

The group’s impact goes beyond the realm of food, too. They’ve organized community fundraisers and even made a dream quinceanera come true for a teen battling terminal brain cancer.

So, whether you’re a long-time resident or a newcomer to the Chula Vista area, this Facebook group is a must-follow. While it may be named “Eastlake Food to Go,” you’ll find a wealth of information on restaurants and businesses across the South Bay community.

I discovered a few great local Chula Vista restaurants with this group

Through this group, I’ve discovered so many incredible local spots, like Garcia’s Mexican Food, whose recent call for community support led me to try their delicious food. That is what I love: finding new hidden gems like them through this group.

Join me in celebrating the fourth anniversary of this fantastic community resource and the incredible individuals who make it thrive. Let’s continue supporting our local businesses and fostering the spirit of unity that makes our neighborhood so unique.

Please let me know if you know of another Facebook group focused on Chula Vista. I love to be part of local groups that highlight the community. Please send me a DM on Instagram or message me here.


I have lived in this great community for over 30 years. In that time I have seen so many changes both good and bad. My goal is to promote this city and all of the good that goes on here. There are so many local events, small businesses and community groups making this city even better. You can always find me at the events taking photos. This site is a passion project of mine and I want to use this platform to get the community engaged. Get out and enjoy Chula Vista and make sure to follow me on all the socials for more!