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Chula Vista Day of the Child was an amazing event on Saturday & it’s growing

This past Saturday, Memorial Park in downtown Chula Vista transformed into a vibrant hub of activity and joy for the annual Chula Vista Day of the Child event hosted by the Chula Vista Community Collaborative. The turnout was fantastic, with more community members participating than ever before, making it a bustling day under the warm sun—perfect for education and entertainment.

Chula Vista Day of the Child event is all about community

As always, the focus of the Day of the Child is children’s health and wellness. Numerous vendors, especially community health groups, provided valuable information on maintaining healthy habits. The most significant presence was the San Ysidro Health Group, which set up various booths to cover different aspects of child health, making it an informative outing for parents and fun for the kids.

Classic cars were a new addition to the event

For the first time, the event featured an exciting display of low riders and classic cars brought in by local car clubs. These gleaming beauties were not just for show; attendees also had the opportunity to vote for their favorite, with trophies awarded for the people’s choice. The classic cars and energetic performances by local dance groups added an extraordinary flair that set this year’s event apart from the others.

Chula Vista Day of the Child event has classic cars
A fun addition to the Chula Vista Day of the Child event were the awesome classic cars on display. Everyone had the chance to vote for their favorite.

The Heart Behind the Event: Chula Vista Community Collaborative

The Chula Vista Community Collaborative (ChulaVistaCC) was pivotal in orchestrating this enriching community event. Dedicated to ensuring collaboration among various partners and stakeholders, ChulaVistaCC draws together all local community sectors to develop coordinated strategies that protect Chula Vista’s residents’ health, safety, and wellness. Their work facilitates various issue-based coalitions, elevating community needs and voices and enhancing access to crucial services.

ChulaVistaCC oversees a network of Family Resource Centers (FRCs) as a gateway to a broad spectrum of family-strengthening services. These centers provide on-site services or partner referrals, ensuring that assistance is just a call or visit away, regardless of an individual’s circumstances.

A Community Comes Together

The organization of the event was impeccable. In another first, Third Avenue was closed off to traffic, providing more space for the classic cars and vendor booths, allowing for more straightforward navigation. I wish they had moved the vendors on the hillside to Parkway or Third Avenue to give them more exposure. If they plan on growing, I hope they will move around some of the community groups to the main area to highlight their cause and mission.

This event leaves me with a deep sense of community pride every year, and this year, I was so happy to see it coming back bigger and stronger than before. Brenda Mendez, one of the organizers, shared that next year’s event promises to be even bigger. It’s heartening to see such commitment to our community’s well-being and the health of our children.

Chula Vista Day of the Child on Saturday
So many people came out to enjoy the Chula Vista Day of the Child event. Along with vendor booths there was also live music and entertainment.

Don’t forget to get out there Chula Vista

Chula Vista events like these are crucial for our community—they provide vital health information and strengthen our bonds through shared experiences of music, dance, and heritage. If you missed this year’s event, follow us on Instagram or visit our website to stay updated on when significant events like this happen. I’m already looking forward to next year, excited for what they have in store and how our community will turn out to support and enjoy this wonderful event.


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