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Chula Vista Bayfront; More development’s are getting ready to break ground

Chula Vista Gaylord property is coming along

For a considerable time, the Chula Vista Bayfront bore the marks of neglect, with industries moving away and a conspicuous absence of investment. The fleeting excitement over the potential for a new San Diego Chargers stadium offered a glimpse into the possibilities, rebranding Chula Vista with a dash of sports glamour. Unfortunately, the momentum fizzled out, leaving the bayfront awaiting its next chapter.

Chula Vista Bayfront: The Transformation Begins

Now, the narrative is drastically changing. Chula Vista’s Bayfront stands on the cusp of an extraordinary transformation, primarily propelled by the construction of the Gaylord Pacific resort. This monumental project replaces the former Chula Vista RV Resort, signaling a bold new era for the marina.

Scheduled to open its doors in the summer of 2025, the 1,600-room resort hotel and convention center have already sparked further development interest. Close on its heels, the Pacifica Companies are launching the ambitious Amara Bay development, a stone’s throw from Gaylord Pacific. This 35-acre endeavor will boast a 250-room hotel, 1,500 condominiums across seven towers, and extensive commercial and office space, offering a fresh vibrancy to the area.

Despite its scale, the project has flown under the radar for many until recently, highlighting its potential as a hidden gem in Chula Vista’s development landscape.

Bayview Point will be taking these empty lots at the Chula Vista Bayfront
Bayview Point will take these empty lots at the Chula Vista Bayfront. The project is set to break ground soon.

Job Creation and Economic Boost

Amara Bay’s project manager, Jack Straw, is optimistic about the area’s growth potential, emphasizing the significant job creation expected from the project. Another notable development, Bayview Point, is set to introduce a 400-room Marriott Hotel, affordable housing, and more, further bolstering the local economy and job market.

Yet, with growth comes the inevitable challenge of increased traffic, a concern that residents and city planners alike must address to ensure the bayfront’s revitalization enhances, rather than hampers, local quality of life.

Chula Vista Bayfront will also take up this land
Amara Bay Chula Vista is also getting ready to break ground on this empty lot north of H Street.

If you want to read more and get the details on these two developments, please visit the Port of San Diego website.

The Gaylord Hotel & Resort Effect

The impact of Gaylord Hotels on local economies is well-documented, with the Gaylord Rockies in Aurora, Colorado, serving as a prime example. What once was an empty field has transformed into a bustling hub of activity, a testament to the transformative power of strategic development.

Be sure to check out our video of the Chula Vista Bayfront progress here. You can also follow us on YouTube for even more Chula Vista Videos.

A Mixed Reception From The Residents

Witnessing the marina’s metamorphosis evokes a mix of excitement and skepticism. The anticipation of experiencing the Gaylord Pacific firsthand reflects a broader curiosity about the bayfront’s future. The community stands at a crossroads, pondering whether this large-scale development aligns with their vision for the area or if a more subdued approach would be preferable.

As Chula Vista’s Bayfront embarks on this ambitious journey, the community watches with bated breath, eager to see this new chapter unfolding. Whether for or against the scale of development, the conversation around it promises to shape the bayfront’s identity for generations.


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