Did you see it? I know you felt it, people all the way to La Mesa said they could hear the blast. On Saturday February 2nd the Port of San Diego put on one heck of a show and imploded the South Bay Power Plant. The plant took two years to build and in 15 seconds the structure was reduced to a mangled mess of metal.

I was out there bright and early along with thousands of other people who all braved the traffic and the chilly weather to see this historic moment. This is the first step in the revamp of the Chula Vista Bay Front. The Power Plant will now be replaced by a 25 acre park and a new RV park. They also have plans to build a hotel, retail outlets and even condos. Not sure I will see it all happen in my lifetime, but its sure to make this Bay Front a destination for the future.

Ever since the city said they were going to implode the power plant I was eager to see it happen. I think they had originally planned it for late October of 2012, but it was postponed for some reason. A few weeks ago when the final date was set I was ready. You don’t get to see this that often so to be there and witness it live is really cool. I didn’t think there was going to be that large of a crowd, but when it got state wide news coverage I knew you had better get there early. Traffic all along J St. was a mess and parking was very tight. I haven’t seen this type of crowd at the Marina since they used to do the firework show on the Fourth of July. Everyone wanted to see firsthand the power plant go down in a bang. At a little past 7am the charges went off and the metal came toppling down. I’m so glad I got a good seat to see it.

Make sure you check out my short video recap of the event. I’m sure you are going to see more and more videos of the explosion on the news and on the internet. Just about everyone had their cell phone or camera up ready to capture the implosion. I’m also going to add some photos of the plant before and after. Maybe if I live long enough I can add some photos of the new park and hotels, guess will have to wait and see.

Video of the South Bay Power Plant implosion

Written by Mr. Chula Vista

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