Are you looking forward to seeing the implosion of the South Bay Power Plant on Saturday? I know I’m ready to see this thing go down in a bang, and maybe a huge explosion that leaves only rubble standing. I don’t think so. It’s more than likely going to be one of those low key charges that go level by level.

The city announced a couple a weeks ago that they were finally ready to remove the ugly power plant from our bayfront. This is the first step into making the bayfront more attractive to perspective developments. If you want to see it for yourself, then prepare to get up early. The city has scheduled the show for this Saturday at 7am, weather permitting. If the winds are more than 15mph, the implosion will be postponed for another day. They have also released a map showing the areas you can watch the big show. Below are my two top choices to see the implosion.

J St. Marina; This is probably going to be your best bet. There is plenty of room for you to set up some chairs and take in the show. The only thing is that parking is going to be rough. Not sure why, but the city is going to close the parking lot on Saturday for the event. They might have some type of booths set up or maybe a stage for speakers. You could try parking at Jake’s by the Bay, but that is a private lot and I’m not sure if they are going to allow you to park there. Even if you find parking on the street, be ready to walk. I suggest you get there early to find a close parking spot. This is going to be my pick, I’m planning on getting there at 6am so if you see me, be sure to bring some coffee.

L Street and Industrial; Now this is for those who want the upfront seating. I was out there today and man you are close. I’m surprised they haven’t closed this off since you are right there. I bet you will even be able to feel the blast. The problem here, again, is parking. The police are going to make sure you are not parked on the bike path or on the street. My suggestion is you park on the east side of the 5 freeway and then walk over the bridge to get a spot. This is going to be a prime location, so be sure to get there early.

If you are not an early bird or you just want to watch it live on TV, then I’m sure plenty of news stations are going to have coverage. I’ll be down there getting plenty of photo and video of the event so you can always check out my YouTube channel afterward. Also be sure to follow me on Twitter for any last minute details the city or Port of San Diego put out.

It is going to be really cool to see something that has been around for a long time taken down in such a big way. I’m also looking forward to seeing the bayfront developed into something the city can really be proud of.

Check out the full map of closures and view areas!

Written by Mr. Chula Vista

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